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Amy Atlas… December 28, 2009

The magazine is printed and heading out to distributors across Kentucky {expected newsstand date … Jan 2nd}!!!  We are so excited for you to see the magazine – its new style is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!  Here is a small “insider scoop” that I am about to share …

The fabulous Amy Atlas, known for creating dessert bars is going to be spotlighted in the January issue of Kentucky Bride magazine– oh yeah!  We are so excited to have her expertise fill the pages of Kentucky Bride Magazine.  Wellll, Amy Atlas also just did a dessert bar for OPRAH (O Magazine Holiday Party, to be exact).

If you are an avid wedding blogger, you may have already seen the post from Amy Atlas’ blog or Style Me Pretty, BUT we wanted to blog about it here too!  I mean, this kind of makes us friends with Oprah – haha just kidding!

to see more pretty pics … go HERE


Don’t forget to pick up your copy of the  January Kentucky Bride magazine to see what tips Amy Atlas gives to design the perfect dessert bar …

Celebrating fabulous stories from Kentucky Bride

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MERRY CHRISTMAS … December 24, 2009

We {jacki, jaimeson, julie, sara lain, buffy and susan} would like to wish each and every one of you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

We wish our newlyweds a wonderful year of Firsts … {first christmas tree, first family ornament, first christmas morning  and much, much more}

We wish our married couples a continued love and support not only for each other but for their whole family …

We wish all the wedding professionals a time to be with their loved ones and stop to smell the eggnog … {as they are so busy most of the year}

Jacki and I have the honor to work with such great ladies day in and day out, that we wanted to treat them to something special.  With 2009 came lots of change and growth for our company, so everyone that is with us, has come on board since last Christmas – so we wanted to treat them to our tradition.  There is a little place in Nonesuch, KY that you may have heard of called Irish Acres – a fabulous antique store that resides in an old schoolhouse.  Well, in the basement is an amazing restaurant called The Glitz.  Jacki and I have been going ourselves for over 10 years, but have been taking our staff and interns there for three years, and we just can’t get enough … it’s become our tradition.

Below is a picture of us in the “black and silver” dining room {they have three different rooms with three different looks – each very fabulous on their own} …

left to right … susan, julie, jacki, jaimeson, sara lain, buffy


celebrating Christmas and all of its meaning …


To Brighten Your Day … December 19, 2009

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Just because its cold and dreary outside does not give you a excuse to have a bad day.  To lighten up the air, here are some jokes… 

A little girl at a wedding asked, “Mommy, why do brides always wear white?” The mom replied, “Because they’re happy, dear.”

Halfway through the wedding the girl whispered, “Mommy, if brides wear white because they’re happy, then why do men wear black?”


A young couple were married and then embarked on their honeymoon.  When they returned, the bride ran to the phone and called her mother, who asked, “How was your honeymoon, dear?” “Oh, mama!” she replied, “The honeymoon was so wonderful and romantic…” But then, suddenly she burst out crying and said “but, mama, as soon as we returned home, he started using the most horrible language… things I’d never heard before! I mean, all these awful 4-letter words! You’ve got to come get me and take me home. Please mama!”

“Darling, darling,” her mother said, “calm down and tell me, what words could be so awful?” And, the daughter cried “please don’t make me tell you, mama! I’m so embarrassed – they’re just too awful! Just come and get me, please!”

“Oh, darling, you must tell me what has you so upset… tell me these horrible 4-letter words!” Still sobbing, the bride said, “Oh, mama… words like DUST, WASH, IRON, COOK…!”


Amanda is very excited about her upcoming wedding, but she is a little bit nervous about tension between her parents, who have just gone through a nasty divorce. She goes shopping with her mother and they pick out the perfect MOB dress. But Amanda is horrified to learn that her father’s new 25-year-old wife will be wearing the same dress. She asked her step-mother to exchange the dress, but she refused. “No way! I look like a million bucks in that dress!” When Amanda told her mother of the problem, she very graciously offered to get a different dress. “After all, it is your special day.” When they went shopping for the new dress, Amanda asked her mother why she hadn’t brought the first one back to exchange. “After all, you don’t really have any occasion to wear it for.” “Don’t be silly, honey,” said her mother. “I’ll just wear it to the rehearsal dinner!”


Jokes from:http://www.countryweddings.com/humor/index.shtml,http://www.aisledash.com/2008/06/01/favorite-wedding-one-liners-and-jokes/


Enjoy this day!

Celebrate laughter….

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Holiday Parties … December 18, 2009

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Do you have a Holiday party that you are hosting this weekend?Here are some last-minute ideas…

A Peppermint Martini 

* 5 oz. of your favorite vodka
* 2 oz. of white creme de menthe
* mini candy canes

Pour ingredients into shaker and shake, shake, shake! Then, pour into chilled martini class and garnish with candy cane. (recipe and photo taken from www.colincowie.com)

Another favorite, red chargers. You can rent these from our office, we would love to be a part of your holiday party! These are perfect for a Christmas dinner.

Lastly, have you been shopping yet! It’s easy to get caught up in the mist of planning the perfect party and forget that you need something to wear! Here is a very pretty holiday party dress…

and, it’s on sale!!!! Available at www.bananarepublic.com

Enjoy your party! Let us know what ideas you had and how the party went!

celebrate holiday parties….

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Kentucky Bride Magazine Winter 2010 Cover … December 14, 2009

Ladies and Gents …

I am getting ready to show you an AMAZING magazine cover {and not just because it is ours, but because it is GORGEOUS} …

Now, our magazine will be hitting newsstands state wide right around December 28th, but I can’t keep the cover a secret anymore {plus, you will be seeing billboards all over central kentucky this week with the cover} …

So, without further ado …

Don’t you just LOVE it?  Oh how we hope that you love it as much as we do …

As you can see, we have “revamped” our whole image, masthead, folio, everything … it’s a brand new look!  Our new design feel and goal is … MODERN VINTAGE.

I will be posting random photos and quotes from the Winter 2010 issue to get you as excited as we are to “unveil” this new issue, new design, new feel and of course new trends, dresses, and articles … so stay tuned.

simply celebrating …


New Logos … December 11, 2009

We are so EXCITED to show off our new logos …

As with any company, we are always trying to BRAND ourselves, but stay current with trends while maintaining our timeless feel.

We will always have our “jacki green” as it’s been come to be known as {in fact, in our new offices, there is one wall in each room that is our “jacki green” … it is quite stunning when you see it in person}.  We also have kept our “jacki font” … BUT what we’ve updated is that we are now “jacki and jaimeson, wedding and event planners”.  You will also see a change in the Kentucky Bride Bridal Show logo – to become more streamlined with our Kentucky Bride Magazine logo.

First up – our black & white logo …




Next up – our lovely “jacki green” logos …





 Since we updated our logos, we’ve also updated all of our stationary … which we’re pretty happy with!  You will be seeing our new business cards, letterhead and thank you notes starting today … so look for the GREEN.

celebrating new logos …


Napkin Folds Video … December 10, 2009

Napkins … now most people will think – what’s the big deal?  Well, if you’ve ever seen photos of a beautiful event – an event that you know took thousands of dollars to put together – and everything’s in place … gorgeous linens, lush flowers, lots of votives to give that perfect candlelit glow, they paid extra for the chivari chairs, and more … then you see it … the dreaded triangle, tipi napkin fold that is in every restaurant across the nation.  What does this really say about the reception? 

So, to stop the triangle madness … we have created a short “film” on three napkin folds that are easy to do and will bring that special touch to your event. 

Before watching this video, I would like to give a small disclaimer:

* this is our first attempt to make a “how to” video – or any video for that matter – so please be kind …

* the camera really DOES add 10 pounds  {uh oh – gym here i come}

So, without further ado …



We hope that this was useful for you or someone you may know.  We would love to see or hear about Napkin folds that you like or you have done.  {we love photos, so please send to jaime@jackiallen.com}

celebrating new napkin styles …