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Sauer – Cutshaw Wedding … thank you September 28, 2009

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On Saturday, September 5, 2009 we had the pleasure to be a part of Jenny Sauer’s and Quincy Cutshaw’s wedding.  Let me give you a little background on this couple … they are both uber talented {Jenny owns her own company called Three Sheets 2 the Wind (don’t you just love the name) and Quincy is an engineer, who can figure anything out (he made a pully system for chandeliers they used during their reception)} … they are both super kind to each other {if one of them interrupted the other, they would automatically apologize, how sweet!} … and they were both dedicated to making their wedding day very unique and special {Jenny actually took the hard job of drinking all the wine for the bottles that was used for the centerpieces, now that’s commitment}. 

Jenny and Quincy, both, were very involved with their wedding planning.  While we were there to help make suggestions and give some “logistics”, this was their BABY!  They have amazing taste and if they don’t see something that fits what they want, they create it, build it, make it – LOVE it!

Here is a short list of things that Jenny and Quincy made for their wedding …

* Jenny added a beautiful sash to her dress

* They hand crafted their own invites with screen print and laser printing together

* They made three amazing chandeliers for their reception

* And so much more in small details ….


Some amazing features of their wedding …

* We used real burlap for their tablecloths {it was fabulous and not too rough for the guests}

* We used one complete song for their processional … and everyone, including the children, were where they were suppose to be … it turned out perfect! {oh, and the song was only 4 minutes long ….}

* Jenny’s Dad, who is also very talented, created their cupcake stand … it was fabulous!

Now onto some photos … I am only going to show four, for a few reasons {first, this wedding will most likely be featured in jacki allen’s Kentucky Bride Magazine so I don’t want to give everything away AND the amazing Amy Campbell with Angela Anderson Photography was the photographer and our picutres just won’t even compare}

This first photo is of where they had their cocktail hour, outside on the terrace at Talon Winery

j&q cocktail winery outside


This photo is of their tables in the Barn for their reception …

j&q reception table barn burlap wine


Here is the beautiful bride, Jenny, with both her parents just before walking her down the aisle …

j&q bride winery outdoor ceremony


How adorable are these kids …

j&q hay bailes outdoor ceremony


Lastly, here are the guests enjoying photos of the newlyweds and signing a scrapbook from the photobooth {see the amazing Amy in the background with her cameras … can’t wait to see her photos}

j&q photobooth family photos table


I will end with this lovely letter from the bride …

“Thank You! I was so impressed with the amount of service provided by you and your team on our wedding day. Quincy and I were so happy and felt that the day went off without a hitch!  Everything was perfect … I am not just saying that because I was surprised by how well everything came together. I don’t know what we would have done without you!”

Amazing Vendors …

Ceremony and Reception Location … Talon Winery

Photography … Amy Campbell with Angela Anderson Photography

Wedding Coordination … jaimeson with jacki, wedding planning

Florist … Jeanie Gorrell Florist

Caterer … Sout-Van Events

Rentals … Purdon’s

DJ … Bluegrass Beat

Photobooth … Say Cheese Photobooth

Make-Up … Ana Crane-Simpson with Applied Cosmetic Services

Linens … jacki, wedding planner


celebrating Jenny and Quincy’s love …



Lucky Me … September 15, 2009

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lucky me logo


Yes, we are very Lucky … Lucky Mea fabulous wedding blog based in Cincinnati featured Kentucky Bride Magazine! 

Please go check out the post HERE

… and if you have time, please check out their design website {HERE} for that perfect monogram, custom logo, custom wedding stamps and more … it is amazing!

celebrating …



Monday Morning … six September 14, 2009

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Ladies and Gents … I know that we have all been super busy and can’t believe that it is already September, much less September 14th … amazing how time flies when you’re having fun.

Because of all this fun, we didn’t get any questions in for this week’s Monday Morning … but, have no fear, i do have something to share.

But … just so we make sure to answer your questions and what your want, please make sure to send all questions, thoughts, tidbits to jaime{at}jackiallen{dot}com with MONDAY BLOG as the subject.

For this monday, I thought I would share with you where we get some of our inspiration around the web.  We have tons of blogs and websites that we use as points of reference if we ever get that “creative block” and need to step away … we love to see what everyone else is up to!

Here are TEN of our favorite blogs …

style me pretty

snippet & ink

brooklyn bride

wedding aces

the bride’s cafe

classic bride

100 layer cake

rock n roll bride

green wedding shoes

kiss the groom


… obviously this is just a small portion of who we keep up with … we love everything weddings and since every wedding is different, there is so much information, photos, ideas, vendors, and more in this industry on the web … so much to see, so little time …

let us know what you think … what are your favorite blogs … do you want to hear more of our suggestions …

celebrate your wedding …



Beauty Contest … September 10, 2009

Okay ladies, I know that I told you that we would have a contest/giveaway every week in September … which I should have done on Monday {Labor Day} … so sorry … but alot of fabulous “stuff” for our business has happened this week (i’ll post about that soon enough) and I am just getting to the first contest …

So, lovely ladies, without further ado …

Judy Rhodus, with Mary Kay Costmetics has generously donated $75 worth of services and products of your choice – that’s right ladies, you get to choose the colors that work best for your skin, not just what is “left”.


* Tell us your Beauty Tips

* Tell us the feel you are going for on your wedding day

* Tell us what you would do if you could have two looks for the day – a day and night look OR a sweet and rocker look OR just any two contrasting looks

* Tell us your nighttime routine

* Just tell us something Beauty related … we love it all!

* AND you can do your own Virtual Beauty make over on Judy’s site … try it out HERE

Please leave your entry in the comments section {make sure you leave your email so we can contact you if you are the winner}.

Since I have been late in posting this contest, you will have until Tuesday, September 15th at Midnight to get your beauty tips, tricks, looks and secrets posted.  {have no fear, I will have the second contest of the month starting on monday, september 14th}.

And to just add a little special treat … we are having a fabulous beauty section in the January issue of Kentucky Bride Magazine and we might just publish your little tidbit {quoted by you, of course} in the magazine!!!

Thank you so much to Judy Rhodus with Mary Kay for starting our contests off right!

We are so excited to start our month long contests and hope you participate in all of them.

celebrate your beauty …


UPDATE:  We will be extending this contest until Monday, September 21, 2009 … please leave comments below …



Richards wedding … thank you September 8, 2009

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We planned and coordinated our last “summer” wedding of the year on August 29, 2009 to the wonderful couple Katherine Richards and Nathan Snyder.  The wonderful couple lives in Virgina, but wanted to have a Kentucky wedding where Katherine grew up.  Katherine is into the Arts and Theatre, so Lexington Arts Place was the perfect choice for her.

Here are just a few shots taken by the lovely jacki allen

katherine - lovely bride

katherine - blue shoes

arts place 2


arts place 1

from these few photos, you can probably get a feel for this wedding … simple, white with a hint of blue, very minimal … love it!

A few days after the lovely wedding, we received this in the mail …

” Dear Jaime,

Thank you for everything you did to make our wedding perfect! We appreciate all the work, effort and time you did and gave for us – Please thank the rest of the crew – you all make a fantastic team.  Everything was just gorgeous. Thank you.


Carson {mother of bride}”

… blushing … we love to get these sweet little notes in the mail – they really do make it all worth it!  Congratulation Mr. & Mrs. Snyder – and THANK YOU for letting us be a part of your special day.

celebrate your love …



Monday Morning … five September 7, 2009

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It’s week five and we are having a great time with this Monday Morning Blog and we hope you are too.  If you have a question, please send an email to jaime {at} jackiallen {dot} com with MONDAY BLOG as your subject.

Onto question number five …

“My fiance and I have had a few conflicting ideas on “tipping” the individuals/companies we have hired for our wedding.  We want to make sure that we are budgeting correctly for the “tipping” and making sure that we feel comfortable with that amount.  Please let us know the standard.


Kim in Cincinnati, OH”


Kim, fabulous question and one that I think is forgotten until it’s too late or not considered in most couples budgets.

Please take the following information as suggestions….

WHO – Hair/make up artist day of

HOW MUCH – 15 – 20% (depending on if they come to your location)

DIST BY – Wedding Planner (if you don’t have a wedding planner, I would recommend you ask one person to be responsible for distributing your “appreciation”)


WHO – Musicians for ceremony

HOW MUCH – 10% of fee

DIST BY – Wedding Planner


WHO – Musicians/DJ for reception

HOW MUCH – $25 – $50 per member

DIST BY – Wedding Planner


WHO – Wait Staff and Bartenders for your event

HOW MUCH – $20 per person (FYI – we recommend that you check with your caterer/venue to double check the “20% service fee” that is on your contract – this is NOT always given to the wait staff as a tip and simply just an added fee – so you will want to make sure that your servers are taken care of)

DIST BY – Wedding Planner will give all envelopes to Head Chef or Maitre de at end of evening


WHO – Head Chef or Maitre de

HOW MUCH – Flat Fee …. we recommend $100 or more

DIST BY – Wedding Planner at end of evening


WHO – Limousine or Specialty Vehicle

HOW MUCH – 15-20% of total bill

DIST BY – Wedding Planner


WHO – Parking atendants for Valet Parking

HOW MUCH – $1.50 – $2.00 per car

DIST BY – Wedding Planner at end of evening


WHO – Wedding Planner

HOW MUCH – this depends on the “package” that you hired them for.  If you have worked with your wedding planner for the majority of your wedding and the majority of your vendors, then we suggest 10 – 15% of your package price.  IF you have hired them for a Little Bit of Help, then a flat rate that you feel comfortable with.

DIST BY – Someone special that you designate



* Have all Tips in seperate envelopes that are clearly marked with which vendor they go to.

* Have ONE person responsible for distributing all of your tips…. (i.e. wedding planner, maid of honor, someone that needs a “job” for your wedding because you can’t leave them out, etc.)

* Have all Tips and Envelopes ready at least THREE DAYS before your wedding … we recommend a minimum of three days because this is when your out of town guest start to arrive – you start “stressing” over every little detail (unless you have a planner!) – you are putting your final touches on any projects that you are doing yourself – you have the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner – and we want you to be as prepared as possible so you don’t stress over the small stuff…

Side note – these are just recommendations that Jacki and I would make to our bride – please feel free to use this information as you please.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this topic…. please feel free to leave your comments.

celebrate your love …



BIG ANNOUNCEMENT for KBM … September 2, 2009

As you know, jacki allen’s Kentucky Bride Magazine is sold ONLINE, at Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Barnes & Noble, and locally owned bookstores. 

Starting in August 2009, our Fall Issue is being sold statewide through BORDERS – yeah!

Also, begining with our Winter (January) 2010 issue, we will be on newsstands in … {drum roll please} … WALMART across the whole state of Kentucky!

We are OH SO excited about these opportunities and couldn’t wait to share the news with you!



*** Kentucky Bride Magazine is locally owned: we live here – we plan weddings here – we use Kentucky retailers and companies for our articles – we use Kentucky photographers for our Real Kentucky Weddings – and most importantly we do everything in the United States of America – we support our economy! ***


If you are interested in having your REAL KENTUCKY wedding in an issue of Kentucky Bride Magazine OR would like to be a part of our “Bride’s Advice” column, please contact our editor, Julie Wilson at julie@jackiallen.com .


We would love to sit down and go over all the details of jacki allen’s Kentucky Bride Magazine with you.

For central kentucky, please contact Amber Bowling at amber@jackiallen.com

For northern kentucky, please contact Susan Kopp at susan@jackiallen.com

For all other kentucky areas, please contact Jaimeson Gann at jaime@jackiallen.com

celebrating in kentucky …